Rory McIlroy Reveal Page

Client: EA Sports / Rory McIlroy PGA Tour

Date: May 19, 2015

Categories: Electronic Arts / JS

For this project I worked with two other developers to create this experience that was used by marketing to announce the new game’s release date and cover athlete. This architecture of this page was structured in such a way that all three developers were able to work on it simultaneously without conflicting on our code. This project had a tight deadline and the team pulled together well to get it launched on time and other sports teams were interested in having a version on their site almost immediately after launch.

I specifically worked on the side rail elements and the pre-order page at the end. I also worked with Art to get the final assets in place and had to create or modify some of the new assets so that everything would work with the from art and the content from the Content Managers without causing any visual bugs when assembled.

I had a desire to use Elevator.js for the scroll to top action but was unfortunately denied for probably obvious reasons.

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